Gallery at the Channel Islands

Professional Artists

Shoreline Summit Adventures offers not only workshops with but the works of professional artists who have spent decades photographing and painting the Channel Islands. By definition, a professional is someone who works full time and earns their living from their craft. We are proud to offer the photographs of the artists represented. Additionally, you can purchase their images in less expensive formats like prints as well as for calendars, t-shirts, mugs, hats and other, more affordable options.

(note: please visit our store for pricing or keep reading for more information)

Scorpion Anchorage at Sunrise by Tim Hauf

Contributing Artists

Shoreline Summit Adventures welcomes and encourages those of you who have participated in our adventures or artist workshops to submit original contributions of your own. Not only is this fun and a way of sharing your experience through our social networking sites but something you can contribute to our online store for sale. In the same way we share royalties with professional artists, if visitors to the site select products you produce, you can earn royalties as well.

East End Santa Cruz Island by Bill Mitchell

Stanton Ranch by John Iwerks

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