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Share Your Experience

Upload Photos, Art, & Stories to profit and win

Share your stories, photos or painting to win. Sell your photos or paintings through our store, either as original art or on products like t-shirts, mugs, etc. Shoreline Summit Adventures is interested in your input and we encourage active participation posting your comments, photos, and paintings through our social networking connection.

About Us

  • Socially and Environmentally Accountable and Transparent Business - we donate 10% of net profits to Channel Island stewards

Who We Support

  • Channel Islands National Park
  • Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary
  • Nature Conservacy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need travel Insurance?
  • What should I pack?
  • What about gratuities?
  • Is there a lost and found?
  • What is the number one tip to enjoy the adventure travel experience?

We're here to help! We respond to all questions or comments.